How to Mount a Projector: 10 Ways

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How to Mount a Projector: 10 Ways

Projector placement is essential for the optimal viewing experience. Whether you use your projector for viewing films, gaming or in a business/academic setting, mounting your projector properly will ensure you get the most out of it. By mounting your projector, it's ready to go whenever you are ready to use it. You do not have to worry about storage or setting it up each time you need it. 

Below are ten different strategies detailing how to mount a projector. Read on to find out which one will best suit your needs and setup.

Ways to Mount a Projector to the Ceiling 

The ceiling is one of the most common places to mount a projector. It's one of the most convenient places. Be sure to mount the projector properly to avoid damaging it.


  • Use a Projector Shelf

If you have a projector with a vertical lens shift, it is a good candidate for mounting with a projector shelf. You can purchase a shelf designed for projector mounting or find a shelf that fits your projector. In most cases, you will mount the shelf on the back wall of your room. You may also find a shelf that mounts directly to the ceiling. A shelf is a good option, as you can often blend it in with other design elements, making it less obtrusive.

  • Use a Projector Wall Mount

A projector wall mount is an arm that attaches to a wall and holds the projector. Be sure to choose the proper mount for your particular projector and install it according to the manufacturer's instructions. Wall mounts are advantageous as some allow you to adjust the projector's positioning.

  • Use a Projector Ceiling Mount

A ceiling mount is one of the best methods for how to mount a projector to the ceiling. These mounts function similarly to a wall mount but attach to the ceiling instead of the wall. These mounts are good for large spaces and aren't susceptible to shadows if people walk in front of the screen.

  • Hide the Projector Within the Ceiling

If you want to hide your projector and make it less noticeable, one good option is to install it within the ceiling. There are a couple of ways to achieve this. You can mount the projector on a tile if you have a tiled ceiling. Alternatively, you can opt for a projector lift, which uses a motor to raise and lower the projector as needed. This option is more expensive, but it offers the best aesthetic results.

  • Use a Bookshelf

If you have room on the wall opposite your screen for a bookshelf, you can use it as a projector mount. It is easy to put your projector on a bookshelf, and you can hide it with other design elements so that it doesn't stick out as much.

Innovative Ways to Mount a Projector Without Drilling

mount projector without drilling

Whether you are renting a property or simply do not want to put holes in your wall, there are many innovative methods to mount a projector without drilling.

  • Use a Projector Tripod Stand

A tripod stand is one of the easiest ways to mount a projector. It is also easy to store and highly portable, making it a good option if you use the projector in different rooms or like to take it outdoors.

  • Use Ceiling Grid Clips

If you have a tiled ceiling, you can use ceiling grid clamps to mount your projector. This mount is similar to other ceiling mounts, but you clamp the mount to the ceiling grid instead of drilling holes. You will get all of the advantages of a ceiling mount without damaging the ceiling.

  • Use Ceiling Mounts with Adhesive Pads

Adhesive pads are another alternative for mounting a projector to the ceiling. These adhesives are incredibly strong and can attach the mount safely to the ceiling. They are also designed to be removed without damaging your ceiling.

Be sure that you choose adhesive pads that are designed for ceiling mounts and are rated for your projector's weight and dimensions. Failure to use the proper adhesive pads may result in damage to your projector.

  • Use Brick Clamps

If your wall is made of bricks, then brick clamps are a good option. They are easy to attach to the wall and will not damage it. You can then attach a projector mount or shelf to the clamps and install your projector. Again, it's important to choose clamps that are rated for your projector's weight and dimensions so that they can effectively support it.

  • Retrofit Existing Furniture

In some cases, you may have furniture like bookcases or shelves that are already mounted to the wall in your room. You can retrofit the furniture to accommodate your projector. You may have to make some modifications to the furniture, but you shouldn't have to do any damage to the walls. This strategy has the added benefit of making it easy to conceal your projector in other design elements of the room. It is a good choice if aesthetics are important to you.


Choosing the right projector mounting method will depend on your projector's specifications, the mounting environment, and your preferences for how you plan to use the projector. WeWatch offers a variety of projectors, most of which can be mounted. Be sure to check out one of our most popular models, the WeWatch V50G Projector, and other offerings to learn more.

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