As a subsidiary of WEMAX Inc., a leading provider of ALPD laser projectors for global customers, WEWATCH, established in 2021, is a relatively new company. However, its technology is derived from a 17-year endeavor in optics. While we are newcomers, our products have been warmly received in international markets. WEWATCH is now among the top brands on AliExpress and ranks NO.1 in the projector category. Additionally, we hold the position of the NO.1 top 100 best-seller on Amazon in this category. The positive reviews from customers and our high platform rankings serve as testament to WEWATCH's identity: we are more than just an online store for end-users. We are an innovative tech company committed to delivering value and providing solutions for your daily entertainment needs.

  • Our Products

    Ranging from projectors to a variety of accessories such as HDMI cables, projector screens, power banks, carry bags, tripods, and more, WEWATCH is your one-stop shop for high-quality projectors and accessories at the most affordable prices.

  • Our Technology

    With the introduction of a built-in white noise feature and sleep timer in our projectors, WEWATCH offers a novel way for users to relax, sleep, or meditate at any time of the day. This multifunctional device not only allows you to watch movies and shows but also supports meditation and relaxation. The addition of a sleep timer with white noise creates a soothing atmosphere, facilitating a peaceful transition into slumber.

  • Our Vision

    Innovating a new and exciting category of smart, portable visual entertainment devices, we offer the ability to share rich visual experiences wherever you go.


Thanks to the long-term support of over a million customers, our products have been sold in over 100 countries since 2021. We have received several awards from platforms like AliExpress, Lazada, and Amazon. While these awards are a recognition of our past achievements, our highest pursuit remains the acknowledgment and satisfaction of our customers.

  • #1 Amazon.com Best Seller

    on 2022 Prime Day Fall
  • Aliexpress Top Brands

    in Brazil, Philippines, Malaysia Markets
  • 2022 Lazada Seller Awards


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