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Why Choose WEWATCH Projectors?

Affordability and Diverse Range

All WEWATCH projectors are priced under $500, catering to the low and middle-end projector LCD markets. With a variety of models ranging from 100 ANSI to 500 ANSI, WEWATCH provides a comprehensive selection, ensuring affordability and diversity for a wide range of customers.

Backed by WEMAX

As a sub-brand of WEMAX, WEWATCH inherits over 17 years of optical development expertise and technology. This association ensures that WEWATCH delivers not only high-quality products but also benefits from the reputation and support of a well-established parent company. This is reflected in the commitment to product value, high quality, and timely customer service.

Global Recognition

WEWATCH has rapidly gained international recognition, holding the prestigious title of the number one projector brand on AliExpress and being listed as a top 100 best-seller on Amazon. These accolades underscore the brand's popularity and the positive feedback it has garnered from satisfied customers worldwide.

Comprehensive Product Line

Beyond projectors, WEWATCH offers a complete entertainment solution with essential accessories like HDMI cables, projector screens, power banks, carry bags, and tripods. This one-stop-shop approach ensures that customers can find all their entertainment needs met conveniently in one place.

Mission for Convenience and Innovation

The brand's mission is to deliver top-notch projectors and accessories that combine high quality with affordability. By crafting smart and portable devices, WEWATCH aims to revolutionize the world of portable visual entertainment, ensuring that customers experience convenience, innovation, and utmost satisfaction.