What are Projector Lumens and How Much Do I Need?

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Projector Lumens
When comparing projectors, you will likely look at many specifications. Some, like resolution and projection size, are likely familiar. Others you encounter, like projector lumens, may be unfamiliar but are equally important when choosing the best projector for your needs. Below, we will cover all the important details about projector lumens, including what they are, how they're measured and how many you need in a projector.

What are Projector Lumens? 

Lumens are a unit of measurement that determines the brightness or light output of a projector. It measures the amount of visible from any light source, including projectors. The more lumens a projector has, the brighter it is. While it may seem that more lumens is always better, that isn't always the case. You need to consider several other factors, like the ambient lighting in the room where you will project and the size of your projection. Lumens affect the brightness and sometimes the color purity of a projector in different lighting settings, so it's essential to choose the right amount.

Lumens vs ANSI Lumens

You may see lumens and/or ANSI lumens listed in the projector specifications. These two measurements are not the same. ANSI stands for the American National Standards Institute, a group that sets conformity standards for a range of products. ANSI has clearly defined standards and measuring practices, making ANSI lumens a more accurate measurement. For conversion purposes, one ANSI lumen is equivalent to 2.4 lumens. When comparing projectors, be sure you're comparing all lumens or all ANSI lumens.

What are the Best Lumens for a Projector? 

The amount of lumens you need in a projector heavily depends on your specific use case. You will need to consider several factors, like ambient light in the room, the size of the projection and how close you will mount the projector to the screen. Your needs will often vary based on whether you use the projector at home or in a business/education setting.

Home Projectors 

The best home projector will vary based on your setting. If you have a dedicated theater room with no windows or plan to use your projector primarily at nighttime with all the lights off, then you only need about 1,000 lumens. If you plan to use the projector during the day, you will need a slightly higher amount of lumens. Look for a projector closer to 2,000 lumens. Even if you turn out all the lights and have curtains, there will still be some ambient light during the day, and the projector will need to accommodate for that.

The WeWatch V10 is a great entry-level projector. It is compact, lightweight and affordable. The V10 has 100 ANSI lumens, making it a solid choice for dark living rooms and small home theaters.

WEWATCH V10 Projector

The WeWatch V51 Pro projector is an excellent choice for those who want a higher-quality projector, like film and gaming enthusiasts. With 400 ANSI lumens, it works well in rooms with more ambient light. It also comes equipped with white noise features, allowing you to play ambient sounds.

The V53 Pro is one of WeWatch's higher-end projectors and is ideal for those who are serious about picture quality. It supports 4K video and has 350 ANSI lumens, making it a good choice for home theaters.

350 ANSI lumens

Projectors for Business and Education  

When using a projector for a business or education setting, the environment will be different. The room will likely have ambient light. The size of the room, and thus the projection, will also be larger. In many cases, there will be many more people viewing the projection.

In this setting, you need more lumens. You should look for a projector with at least 3,000 lumens. If the room is larger or there is a lot of ambient light, you should go even higher.

The WeWatch V50G is a good entry-level choice for business and education solutions. It is affordable and has 250 ANSI lumens. It has enough brightness to overcome ambient light and can project on a screen up to 200".

The WeWatch V53S is one of the brand's higher-end projectors and comes equipped with 350 ANSI lumens. It is bright enough to compensate for rooms with more ambient light. With a 230" projection size, it's a good choice for larger rooms with big audiences.

The WeWatch V70 and V70 Pro Projectors are excellent options for those who need sophisticated solutions. The V70 produces 350 ANSI lumens, and the V70 Pro produces 500 ANSI lumens. It's the best option for large rooms with a lot of ambient light. It can also project up to 450" for screen size.


Understanding Lumens in Different Lighting Conditions  

Projector Lumens in lighting conditions

Lighting and room conditions impact how many lumens you need in a projector. Rooms with low light require fewer lumens, as it is easier to see light in the dark. You don't want too many lumens in a dark room, as it can hurt your eyes. Rooms with more ambient lighting need higher lumens. You will need a brighter projector to overcome the brightness of the room.

Business presentations may not require as many lumens, as the image doesn't need to be as bright as movies or video games. Larger rooms will tend to need more lumens. If you need to project onto a large screen and the projector is far from the screen, you will need more lumens to produce a bright, clear image.


Lumens should be one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a projector. More lumens isn't always the answer. Instead, consider the room. Darker rooms requiring smaller projections can get by with less lumens, while brighter rooms need more lumens.

WeWatch offers a variety of projectors with high and low lumen counts. Check out our projectors to find the best one to meet your needs.

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