Política de frete

We only provide free shipments for US customers. Because of local warehouses, currently, we provide Fast Delivery in the USA, which means you can get it within 3-5 business days. For other countries, we will ship from Chinese manufacturers directly, which varies from 10 to 20 business days. The necessary shipping fee will be charged.

If you placed a pre-sale product, make sure that you had already checked the shipping notes which will indicate the estimated shipping date. If you can't wait, please don't place the order. And we don't provide refunds before you received the product. Cause the moment when you placed the order, our factory started to calculate the inventory.

For some seasonal sales like Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, or New Year sales, our delivery might be delayed because of the tons of parcels. Please be patient. We will fulfill the order based on your order number. If you want to prioritize your order for special reasons,  please email support@wewatchtech.com.



In the long term transportation, it's inevitable that uncontrollable circumstances will cause the transportation to be unable to be delivered in time. Severe weather conditions, catastrophic events, and the impact of the current COVID-19 may cause unexpected delays in packages. I hope that you can understand the helplessness caused by these uncontrollable factors. We will also get in touch with you at any time and let us know the details. Some carriers may not communicate with you on the phone and will directly deliver to your door or in your mailbox, if the delivery is not signed, it may be placed at the local post office and you need to call to confirm or go directly to collect it. All services and advice will hope that you can get a pleasant customer experience and product experience. Your understanding and consideration will be highly appreciated.