5 Projector in Living Room Set-Up Ideas

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projector in living room

Living room projectors have increased in popularity over the past few years, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of a theater from the comfort of home. The larger image size and immersive viewing experience provide a superior experience to traditional televisions.

Should I Put a Projector in My Living Room?  

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether or not to install a projector in a living room. First, there must be enough wall space, both the size of the wall itself and its accessibility. You can either tack a screen onto an empty wall or have a portable screen stand in front of it, but there must be enough space on the wall to accommodate the screen.

The room must also be big enough to fit the projector and the screen. The size of the image will depend on the distance between those two, which means that if the room is too small, the projector image will only fill the screen partially and the result is a lot of wasted real estate on the screen.

The lighting conditions are also essential. The room should be as dark as possible to ensure the projected image clearly shows through. If there's too much light, it'll be difficult to see what's on the screen.

The size of the projector also makes a big difference. The WeWatch V51P is an excellent full-size projector that supports 4K quality for a medium or large-sized room. For a smaller space, like an apartment, the WeWatch V10 Mini Projector will provide a similar experience with a smaller footprint.

Top 4 Projector Integration Ideas for Your Living Room  

Although there are many ways to set up projector in living room, some will work better than others in a given situation. Let's look at four great projector in living room ideas that will help decide which placement will be ideal for a given situation.

  • Mount it on the Ceiling

A ceiling-mounted projector can free up floor space and provide a consistent image, as it's far less likely to be moved accidentally if it's in a fixed position above everyone's head. This will work best in larger living rooms, which can be placed up and out of view.

The most important part of a ceiling-based setup is ensuring it's at the right distance and angle before installation, as it'll be almost impossible to adjust afterward.

  • Use a Mobile Projector Stand

A mobile projector stand can easily be put into place when there's something to watch and stored when not in use. It can easily be placed in another room or in a closet to keep small children and pets away. It can also protect against accidental damage, like being knocked off or having water spilled on it.

A mobile projector stand could be a cart with wheels or a small table or stool. If there is enough space to project an image onto the screen cleanly and placed close to an electrical outlet, it will work marvelously for its intended purpose.

  • Place It on a Coffee Table

A coffee table, especially one you're already using, makes a great place for a projector. It's also one of the easiest ways to adjust the image on the screen without pausing what you're watching and walking across the room. It is an excellent choice for a projector in a small living room, as it can be placed anywhere on the table to provide the perfect picture.

  • Place It on a Shelf¬†

A shelf makes a great place for a projector as it can easily be integrated with books or other decor for a seamless fit. It'll work best with larger screens, as it'll provide the maximum possible distance between the screen and the projector, making sure the image is as large as possible.

Enhancing Your Living Room Projector’s Image Quality with the Right Lighting  

As mentioned, proper lighting conditions are essential to the ideal projector setup. A room that is too bright will make it difficult to see the image in full detail. If you plan on using the projector during the day or at other times when there's a lot of light coming in from outside, it should be away from the window.


If you find that your room has too much light, you can purchase blackout curtains designed to fully trap light before it enters the room from a window.


Elevate Your Gaming Experience with a Living Room Projector  

In addition to watching films, projectors can also be used for video games. Consoles or computers can easily be connected with HDMI to provide a more immersive gaming experience than a standard television in a lit room.


For an ideal gaming setup, you'll want a projector with high resolution, lower input lag, and vibrant colors. The projector's internal speaker should be sufficient for most setups but if you're heading headphones, you'll want to sit close to the projector as Bluetooth or wireless headphones will inherently have a short delay.

Expert Tips on How to Decorate a Living Room with a Projector

Projector Integration Ideas for Your Living Room


There are a few ways that a projector setup in living room can be arranged. Essentially, the two main options are to hide the projector when not in use so it doesn't clash with the rest of the decor or to integrate it so that it appears as a natural design choice.

To disguise it when guests come over, it can be placed on a shelf or under a coffee table, out of view. For mounted projectors, a covering can be placed over it to make it look like a light fixture that hasn't been turned on.

For integration, it can either be prominently displayed as a set piece or disguised as just another decoration. It'll depend on the size of the projector, of course.

It may also be a good idea to have a versatile setup, where it can be removed depending on the guests. If they have animals or small children, the coffee table or a short bookcase might not be a good idea. In this case, it's probably better to swap it out with some books or something to make its disappearance less conspicuous.


Projector in Living Room FAQs 

  • Can I use a wall for projector?
  • Although it's not recommended, a wall can be used as a projector screen in certain circumstances. First, the wall must be completely white with no decorative coatings like Stucco and no visible marks or dents. The image won't look as sharp but in a pinch, it'll do.

  • Can you use a projector for everyday TV watching?
  • A projector is perfect for watching everyday television programming. All it takes is a cable box that supports HDMI output that can connect to the projector, which is a very common functionality.

  • How dark does a room need to be for a projector?
  • The amount of acceptable light in a room will depend on the user's tastes. It will need to be fairly dark for the projection to be visible but a lamp or another localized light source shouldn't interfere too much, provided it's pointed away from the projection screen.



    A projector in the living room can be an excellent way to enjoy cinematic experiences from the comfort of home. At WeWatch, we offer many top-quality projectors at affordable prices. Check out our range of projectors and order your amazing home theater equipment today!


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