How to Setup a Portable Projector Screen Outdoor

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Outdoor movie nights are a great activity for hanging out with friends, celebrating a birthday, or enjoying an evening with your family. It's an excellent way to elevate your movie night into a spectacular evening. With the advent of portable projector screens, hosting outdoor movie nights is easier than ever. Below, we will present a step-by-step guide to setting up a WeWatch portable projector and screen outdoors.

What Makes a Good Outdoor Projector Screen?  

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a projector and screen for outdoor use. Portability is a must, as you will likely frequently transfer it inside and outside your house. Look for a lightweight screen and projector. Ideally, the projector should fold and fit into your bag.

You should also look for a highly-rated projector for durability. As you will be moving it often, you want something that can hold up to frequent usage. Look for durable materials that aren't likely to tear.

Finally, choose a projector and screen that can withstand the elements. If you are using it during hot or chilly months, you will want products suited to high and low temperatures. If you live somewhere with high humidity, consider products that are made for moisture exposure.

How Do You Set Up a Portable Projector Screen Outdoors?  

Setting up a portable projector screen is easy and can be completed in a few minutes. Once you've done it the first time, you should be able to do it quickly. While some people can project a film on a wall or the side of their house, a dedicated screener will give you a clearer picture.


  1.     Start by gathering your equipment—the projector and screen, a speaker if you'd like superior sound quality, a TV stick or other media source, and extension cords if you will be far from an outlet.
  2.     Choose an area large enough for your audience, with plenty of room for the projector and screen. Pick a quiet space with less light pollution for a better AV experience if possible.
  3.     Your goal is to fill the entire screen with the image. Try not to leave any white space around it. You will need to figure out your viewing distance to determine how far the projector needs to be from the screen.
  4.     Place your screen so that everyone in your group will have a good view. Choose a level spot so it is easy to get a straight image. Assemble it following the instructions from the manufacturer.
  5.     Throw distance is a calculation that helps you determine how far a projector should be from a certain screen size. Each projector has a unique throw distance. It should be included with the projector's paperwork or on the manufacturer's website. Use your screen size to calculate the distance. The bigger the screen, the longer the throw distance. Consider a projector with a short throw distance if your screen is large, especially if your space is limited.
  6.     Use a tape measure to mark out the perfect spot for the projector.
  7.     Determine how high your projector should be. For the best alignment, measure the height from the ground to the bottom edge of the screen. This measurement should align with the height of your lens. You can use almost any stable surface for your projector, like a small table. For the most versatility, a projector tripod will let you adjust to a more accurate height and is easy to adjust for different scenarios. Changing the distance from the screen with a projector is also easier.
  8.     Turn the projector on. Even with accurate measurements, you may still need to make some adjustments to get the picture exactly right. If the image is too large for the screen, move the projector away until it fits. If it is too small, move the projector closer. If the image is larger or smaller at the top or bottom, you can tilt the projector and use the keystone correction feature to get the correct shape. Use the zoom feature to fine-tune the picture until it is completely in focus.
  9.     You are now ready to enjoy your film. Insert your media source and press play.

What is the Best Screen Size for Outdoor Projectors?  

The best size for a portable projector screen will depend on several factors. First, consider the size of your audience and how close they can get to the screen. If you only have a few people viewing the film, you may choose a smaller screen as everyone can get a close seat. If your group is larger, consider a bigger screen so everyone will have a great viewing experience.

You should also consider factors like the size of your viewing space and the throw distance of your projector. If you're in a smaller space, you may want a smaller screen, especially if your projector has a longer throw distance.

WeWatch offers a variety of projectors and screens to suit almost any need or situation. The V10 Mini Projector package comes with all of the equipment you need for the perfect movie night. In addition to a high-quality projector with native 1080p resolution, you will also get a 120 inch portable projector screen and the PS101 tripod. The 120" screen ensures a large image and is great for any size group.

The WeWatch V50G Projector is another great projector. It is lightweight and has a native 1080p resolution for a beautiful image. It works with screens between 36"-200", making it a great option if you need versatility.


With these few simple steps, you can set up for a movie night and enjoy your film. Whether you want to have a backyard party or take your projector to the beach, an outdoor portable projector screen is a good option.

WeWatch offers a variety of projectors and accessories to help you create movie nights and more. 

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