Black Friday Bonanza: Top WeWatch Projector Deals You Can't Miss

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WeWatch Black Friday Projector Sale

The Christmas season is in full swing, and it's the perfect time of year to purchase a projector. You can find the best Black Friday projector deals and take your entertainment experience to the next level.

Wewatch is currently offering a number of projector Black Friday deals, including up to 40% off our most popular projectors and free gifts for those who purchase early. Read on to learn more about these exclusive deals and visit the Wewatch Black Friday Page for the latest deals.

The Best Black Friday WeWatch Projector Deals 

Wewatch provides high-quality projectors to meet a variety of home and business needs. Below are some of the top projectors that are currently part of the Black Friday promotion.

The WeWatch V50G 1080p Display Projector comes equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. It also contains several corded connection ports, including HDMI, USB, and VGA and is compatible with TV Stick, ensuring that you have access to almost any media you desire.

The V50G's 1080p resolution provides a crisp picture, giving you the best movie-watching and gaming experiences. 230 ANSI lumens and two cooling fans for light efficiency ensure that you can enjoy the projector for up to 40,000 light source hours.

The V50G Projector is even better when you add a projector screen, giving you a full home-theater experience. The PS06 is 120" and is made of polyester, ensuring that it always lays flat and gives you the large projection you desire.

If you love to entertain, the PS06 features a 160° viewing angle so that all of your guests can enjoy the view, no matter where they sit. The PS06 folds into a compact size, making it easy for you to take it with you and enjoy it almost anywhere.

WeWatch's V70 and V70 Pro Projectors are designed for film and gaming enthusiasts who want the highest quality image and performance. Both come with native 1080p for a crisp, dynamic picture. The V70 has 350 ANSI lumen, and the V70 Pro has 500 ANSI. With a cooling system that gives you up to 50,000 light source hours, you can view programs without worry.

The V70 and V70 Pro offer many connection possibilities, including WiFi, Bluetooth and multiple corded connections. You can even mirror cast with your iOS or Android device or use with a TV Stick. Built-in speakers provide quality sound.

WeWatch is offering a special promotion to the first 100 customers who purchase a V70 or V70 Pro projector. Those in the top 100 will get a PS06 projector, completely free.

If you are in the market for a lightweight affordable projector, the WeWatch V10 Projector is the perfect option. It weighs less than three pounds, making it easy to transport. It's a great entry-level projector that makes no sacrifices in quality. It comes equipped with 1280x720 resolution and cam support up to 1080p. With 100 ANSI and 850 lumen, you'll have plenty of watch time.

In addition to WiFi and Bluetooth, it comes with several other connection capabilities, including HDMI and USB. It's compatible with iOS and Android device and TV Stick.

V10 Mini Projector w/PS101 Tripod

The V10 Mini projector becomes even more capable when paired with the PS101 tripod. You can now take it anywhere and will always have a place to set it up, other than a relatively flat surface. The tripod makes it easy to mount indoors, in the classroom and even outside.

The PS101 is lightweight and easy to transport. It's compatible with the V10 Mini Projector along with cellphones and cameras.

V51P 1080P Projector

The WeWatch V51P Projector gives you all the functionality of a premium projector with an added white-noise feature. It can play pre-recorded sounds, including white noise and nature sounds.

In projector mode, you can enjoy 1080P picture that supports 4K video, ideal for watching films and sports. With 400 ANSI lumen, you will get up to 40,000 light source hours. With WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, HDMI and TV Stick compatibility, you'll have access to all the media you desire.

V51P Projector with PS07 Screen

The V51P Projector is even better when paired with a PS07 Projector Screen. You will get all of the features of the V51, including the white noise mode, along with the added convenience of a screen. You can view your media virtually anywhere.

The screen is made of polyester with an optical coating to enhance color and depth. The thick material doesn't allow light to penetrate during outdoor viewing. It is durable and easy to fold for maximum portability. With a 160° viewing angle, you can accommodate a large number of viewers.

Making the Most of Black Friday – Tips to Secure the Best WeWatch Deals 

Black Friday is one of the best times of the year to save on electronics. WeWatch makes it easy to save by starting our Black Friday deals early. You can make your purchases now and enjoy the rest of your holiday.

WeWatch is also offering several incentives to customers who buy early. The first 50 customers who buy the V50G Projector will get a free packback in addition to 35% off. The first 100 customers to purchase the V70 Projector will get a free PS06 120" screen. You'll need to buy immediately to score these awesome freebies. Buying early also ensures that you get the best discounts and that your items will be available and arrive on time for Christmas.

WeWatch allows up to 30 days after a purchase for you to make a return. We also offers a one-year limited warranty on all products. If necessary, we will refund, repair or replace an item that falls under our warranty policy.


WeWatch's Black Friday projector deals are some of our best deals of the year. These sales and promotions are available only through our website. You can choose from a variety of projectors that will fit your needs at a price you will love. 

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